Are These “Diet” Foods Making You Fat?

Ever since the low-fat fad of the eighties, there’s been a glut of “health” foods to come on the market. They promote themselves as being low-calorie and good for you. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Here are some “diet” foods you need to watch out for. They could be making you fat!

1.Fruit-flavoured yogurt. While at first glance yogurt might seem like a “healthy” snack, it’s really not. If you read the nutrition label closely, you’ll find it’s absolutely packed with sugar – sometimes as much as 20-30 grams!  That’s nearly the same as a can of soft drink.  The yoghurt I recommend is Yoplait Forme – it’s the lowest fat and lowest sugar yoghurt on the market.

2.Trail Mix. Lots of people who hike or walk long distances like to carry trail mix with them. But look at the nutrition label of most brands and you’ll find that they’re loaded with fat and sugar. What’s more, it’s incredibly calorie-dense. More than a handful or two and you’re eating a few hundred calories.

3.Granola. Similar to trail mix, granola is very calorie-dense. A little goes a long way, and most people end up eating way to much. Just one cup of granola can contain the same amount of calories as a McDonald’s Big Mac!

4.Sushi. Most Australian-style sushi rolls are loaded with calories. This is due to ingredients like cream cheese, mayo and shredded cheese. In fact, a tempura roll can easily contain around 500+ calories. If you want sushi and want to keep the calories low, stick with the basics – rice, fish, seaweed, non-tempura veggies.

5.Smoothies. Yes, they contain fruit. But that doesn’t make them good for fat loss. Some commercial smoothies can register at 500 calories or more – almost as much as a single meal!  My tip, make it yourself with low-fat milk, yoghurt and some berries – delicious!