Charlie Sheen trades drugs & booze for exercise

A moment I will never forget was when I was in Los Angeles attending a conference with 2,500 of the world’s best business people from 75 countries and I was given the amazing opportunity to meet Charlie Sheen.  I’m sure everyone knows who Charlie Sheen is, either from his staring roles in movies such as Wall Street and Platoon to comedies such as the Hot Shot and Scary Movie franchises or in his leading role in Two and a Half Men.  Charlie’s versatility as an actor has made him a household name but unfortunately his antics with drinking and drugs has caused him major public embarrassment, damage to his image and employability, as well as having a detrimental impact on his health.


What I found interesting was how Charlie said what defines him now is humanity, respect, health and family. Charlie said he has a big focus now is on his own personal health.  He has quit drinking, doesn’t do drugs anymore and realises that a change in his life was necessary if he wanted to take control of his health and life once more. “I believe that we are the sum total of all of our experiences, good and bad. I’ve had to absorb them. But they don’t lead the charge.”  Charlie says he also exercises more now and watches what he eats.


My Coach JT Foxx says that “a wise man learns from his mistakes, whilst a great man learns from other people’s mistakes.” Charlie has certainly learnt from his mistakes and what I learnt in listening to him was that he is “righting” past wrongs “I’m making amends wherever I can.  It’s not the drugs and the booze [that has caused my past behaviour] but the decisions you make when in those moments.” Charlie was talking about powerful relationships in his life and said by far his Dad, actor Martin Sheen, has had the greatest impact.  “Dad’s an amazing role model and influence in my acting and in the human experience.  He’s a really awesome dude!  Top shelf.”  It’s never too late to make a change.  Charlie talks about how he wanted to “eat a bullet” when he found out he had HIV.  But perhaps that was the lowest of Charlie’s lows and marked the beginning of him making the necessary mind shift to now make health and fitness a priority.


I have a question for you.  If you had a second chance with your health and fitness what would you do differently?


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