Daylight savings over? Hibernation is not the answer.

Daylight savings has now disappeared, it won’t be back for six months, it’s getting cold, dark, wet and your motivation to improve your health and fitness is waning!  Sound familiar?  I see waves of people year after year go into complete hibernation, starting now, and don’t re-emerge until Spring!

Don’t let this be YOU this year.  If you’ve always done the same thing, chances are you’ve always gotten the same result.  Right?  So do something different this year, after all, what have you got to lose!

Your health and fitness is an all year round, rest of your life type of conquest!  The ABS has reported that only 29% of Australians exercise, or play sport, twice per week or more.  Over 50% of people in the Cardinia Shire are considered to be overweight or obese – caused by not exercising enough and eating too many processed foods that are high in calories, fat, sugars and salt.

Let’s not increase that statistic.  Take steps now to change your lifestyle and get that level of health and fitness that you’ve always wanted.

If you need to take that first step, or not sure how to, then that’s what we are here for.  We have a number of FREE programs as well as our premium services such as our Personal Training, Boot Camp and nutrition program services.

Come and see or call us at 0421 287 107 for a FREE Private Consultation and we will create a plan that meets your health and fitness goals and your budget!

Robb Evans, Owner Studioz PT