I am constantly frustrated by what is happening in the fitness industry, or more to the point, what is not happening. I talk to frustrated people on a daily basis about fitness trainers that they’re either using at the moment, or have used in the past, without results. When I ask what type of program they’ve been given it is very clear why the results have not been there and why people become completely confused and disillusioned about health and fitness.

If you’re trainer is not doing these things, dump them now!

1. Spending a lot of time working with you improving your nutrition. This should include designing a calorie controlled, 6 meal per day meal plan specifically matched to your height, weight, activity levels, resting metabolic rate and your fitness goals. This single component can account for in excess of 80% of your results

2. Getting you to do 3 to 4 resistance training sessions per week. make sure you incorporate the majority of your workouts with free-weights (ie not machines!)

3. Having you incorporate at least 3 sessions per week of cardio exercise where your heart rate is elevated and gets you sweating! You must do at least 20+ minutes per day

4. Incorporating flexibility into your training program

5. Having you drink 1.5 to 2+ litres of clean fresh water daily

6. Recommending you get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily

7. Making sure that no two workouts are the same. The intensity of each workout must be different

8. Coaching you every session to help you change behaviours to achieve your results, not theirs! Each session is about you, not them!

9. Tracking your progress by re-evaluating your fitness assessment every 4 to 6 weeks.

10. Keeping you accountable by reviewing your Daily Nutritional Journal.

11. Teaching you all the components of nutrition and fitness that are required to achieve and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle forever.

12. In case your didn’t get it the first time, trainers are derelict in their duty if they’re not giving you all the tools you need to improve your nutrition. Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition, nutrition is the key!!

So, if you cant answer ‘yes” to every one of these questions, you need to find a trainer that will give you all of this. otherwise you may be wasting your time and money.