Should I Use Supplements?

If you’re following a healthy nutrition plan, do you really need to use supplements?  A  healthy nutrition plan is fundamental to your good health and fitness, but I strongly believe that a sensible supplement program can greatly assist in optimising your health and improving your results.

So what are supplements?  Basically, a supplement is something you eat to supplement your daily food intake and usually come in the form of tablets, capsules and powders.

Of course, supplements are not without their dangers and you should always consult your doctor before embarking on a supplement program.  Even though they are commonly available in supermarkets, you can still, unknowingly, take a toxic cocktail of vitamins if you are not careful.

I don’t believe in taking supplements just for the sake of it, so I only take them if I feel there is a specific need – I aim to get most of my requirements from healthy, fresh  and nutritious food.

Here’s a sample of some typical supplements that may be appropriate for you to consider:

Protein supplements

This is my number one supplement of choice.  Feeding ourselves with small portions of protein throughout the day is a key component of a healthy eating plan.  Protein powders are a convenient replacement for whole protein foods such as eggs, fish, chicken and lean red meat, they’re economical per serve and taste great!

We recommend and sell Next Generation protein powders which are high in protein, low in fat and sugar, come in various flavours and taste fantastic!


Fish Oil

This is another favourite of mine and comes in capsule or liquid form made from cold water fish.  I could dedicate this whole newsletter to fish oil, but essentially it is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids proven to help reduce the incidence of heart disease, reduce inflammation, improve your immune system and increase your brain function.  A truly awesome supplement!


Vitamin C

This is an antioxidant providing support for the immune system.  Many of the foods we eat can contain toxins and vitamin C helps “flush” them out.




If you have knee problems, this can be a great supplement for rebuilding cartilage, increasing joint mobility and reducing pain.


Although every effort can be made to get all the nutrients you need from healthy and nutritious food, sometimes you may not get all the micronutrients you require.  A multivitamin tablet can help fill this void.

Protein bars

Ok, these can be an absolute mine-field.  There are so many different types on the market and they’re not all equal in nutritional value.  Just because something says it’s high in protein and low in fat doesn’t make it so!  Over the past 26 years I’ve tasted just about every bar there is on the market and they vary hugely in nutritional value.  Studioz recommends the range of Next Generation protein bars.  I use them personally, they’re high in protein, low in sugar and fat…plus taste great!!

The protein bars make for a really convenient snack during the morning or mid afternoon.


You shouldn’t just take supplements for the sake of it and you should always seek professional guidance from a doctor or nutritionist before taking multiple supplements.  The ones I’ve outlined are safe for me, really

compliment my eating plan and keep my immune system strong.  That doesn’t necessarily make them right for you!  So please consult your GP first as they have a very detailed knowledge of your medical history.

If you would like more information about supplements or would like to order some of the Next Generation products, then please contact us at or phone 0421 287 107.