Studioz’ Tips For Making Your Salad A Little Less Ordinary

I recently conducted a nutrition seminar and I was asked a number of questions about salads and how to make them less boring, because there’s only so much lettuce you can eat right!  Well, here’s some of the ideas that i use to make a salad lesss ordinary.

  • Try using a variety salad mix with lots of colour, rather than just using iceberg lettuce.
  • Add ingredients such as red and yellow cherry tomatoes, cabbage, egg, beetroot, olives, cucumber, sweet potato, celery, corn,  peas, fresh fruit such as apple, mango strawberries, raspberries, cantelope, blueberries, pineapple, orange, etc.
  • Try a rice salad using wholemeal rice and mixing in your favourite vegies and fruits, serve warm or cold.
  • Incorporate some different  textures such as hokein noodles, pasta and beans.
  • Add some good quality protein such as chicken, lean beef, fish, tuna or try some different flavours such as turkey, emu, kangaroo or even crocodile.
  • Make up your own dressings using your favourite herbs, orange, mango, lemon and lime juice.
    Everyone is different so find flavours that work for you and don’t be afraid to use ingredients you wouldn’t normally use in a traditional garden salad, you’ll be surprised that it doesn’t actually taste like a salad, but rather a beautiful tasting meal!