Since “That Sugar Movie” was released in 2014, the profile of sugar in our diets has become very much a hot topic. Did you know:

510BC – The Persians discovered sugar cane in India.

14th century – 1kg of sugar sells in Britain for today’s equivalent of $130.

17th century – The slave trade grows in the US to meet the booming global demand for sweetness.

18th century – Europeans have dramatically changed their eating habits and consuming increased amounts of jams, lollies, chocolates, tea, coffee & processed foods. Sugar consumption increases to 8kgs per yr, per person.

19th century – Worldwide demand for sugar increases demand to 27kgs per yr, per person.

1950s – Australian’s are consuming more than 1kg per week, per person, of sugar.

Currently – 35% of Australian’s daily caloric intake comes from high-fat, high-sugar, processed foods that have little to no nutritional value.

One this is for sure, WE need to change our nutritional behaviours!