This Autumn, Clean Out Your Diet!

When the summer heat reduces and there is more energy about, most people focus on cleaning their homes out; this Autumn, make sure you clean out your diet too! Your body will thank you for it…


  1. Ditch the soft drinks & juices. Both are high in sugar. Instead, go for water and tea. If you still want to drink soft drink, choose ones that are naturally-sweetened with stevia – an all-natural, zero-calorie sweetener.
  1. Buy organic when possible. It’s not news that most produce gets doused in toxic pesticides and chemicals that are troublesome for your health. A quick example – The Environmental Working Group, which regularly analyses USDA pesticide-residue data, found that  non-organically grown strawberries alone carry residue from 13 different pesticides! 
  1. Try going bread-free and see if your body feels better. Most grain found in bread and other wheat products today isn’t what your grandparents ate. Thanks to genetic engineering in the 60s and 70s (to increase crop yield) most grain today is a Frankenstein creation. Instead go for grains like quinoa, buckwheat & wild rice.       
  1. Forget fast food. It’s filled with chemicals and other artificial ingredients. Instead, learn to cook using herbs and spices. If you absolutely need  a quick snack, fruit, raw vegetables & small amount of nuts / seeds are great.

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