Time to Clean Up Your Health—And Life!

Summer is on its way out and Autumn is in.  And while it’s a New Year, there still may be a few things lingering from last year that need to be “cleaned up.”

With your health it’s easy… what are a few things you can do to clean things up? Maybe you still have some “junk” food in your house that needs to go… maybe you’ve been eating out with friends or family and making not-so-good choices when you do (if so start making healthier choices)… or maybe you’re still keeping the clothes that are a few sizes too big, just “in case.” It’s time to go through and clear all that stuff out!

In your life, it’s a little trickier to “clean” things out, but it CAN be done. A good place to start — take a look at the New Year’s resolutions and or goals you’ve set. Which ones have fallen by the wayside? Make a list of them. Now next to each, write down what you think are the obstacles in your way to achieving that goal.

Once you’ve got your list done, it’s time to go one by one and start clearing out those obstacles… so you can be back on track to achieving your goals. Are there friends who are a negative influence on you? It’s time to see them a little less, or find more positive, supportive friends.

Or maybe one of the obstacles to achieving one of your goals is knowledge. Set aside a little time each day to learn the things you need to know… Or maybe you need more “time” because it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day. If that’s the case, start prioritising your day, plan things out, and start saying “no” to projects or favours that you don’t really want to do but would’ve otherwise said “Yes” to, in order to be nice.