Winter Health Tips!

Woman blowing noseHere’s some tips to help keep you healthy this winter:

  1. Eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit & vegetables,
  2. Have a flu immunisation injection,
  3. Wash your hands often, and very thoroughly, with warm water and soap. Turn the tap off with a paper towel to ensure that your hands don’t become re-contaminated,
  4. Try using anti-bacterial hand wash,
  5. Dispose of used tissues directly in the bin,
  6. If you get a common cold, take a vitamin C, echinacea and zinc preparation to reduce the symptoms and affects of the cold,
  7. Get plenty of rest, especially if you feel yourself starting to get a cold,
  8. Try to avoid overeating during the colder months, as you can find all your good work in the warmer months coming undone!
  9. Keep exercising during winter and stay as fit as possible.  When it’s cold we have a tendency to avoid going outdoors altogether.  But if you work in an office all week surrounded by people coughing and sneezing, then it can be great to get outdoors in the clean, germ-free, air.
  10. Even when you feel like a cold is coming on, just rug up and keep participating in the activities you enjoy. It’s good for your health!
  11. Many colds and flus are caught after touching a contaminated item and then touching your eyes, mouth and nose. You can help avoid some of these germs by washing your hands thoroughly, more often, and avoid being around people that are sick