4 tips to start the new year on a healthy foot

  1. Get Organised. Getting and staying healthy requires you to seamlessly integrate a LOT of things into your life. That’s why being organized is key. You’ll need to plan and prepare your meals in advance… get your gym clothes ready for the following day… make sure you allow yourself time to get your workout in, etc. Sounds basic, but so many people fail to do this. Subsequently, they never reach their fitness goals.


  1. Create a success environment. Clear your kitchen and living spaces of any temptations. If you have high-calorie foods you love that are accessible with just a few steps, chances are you will give in. Avoid this in the first place by making sure your house only has healthy, body-transforming foods.


  1. Find ways to deal with stress. Stress can literally put a screeching halt to all your goals. It can cause you to emotionally eat, skip workouts, and more. So start now by learning better ways to cope and deal with stress. Better yet, incorporate a daily stress-reduction program that works with your schedule.

  1. Get accountability and support. No big journey should be undertaken all alone. Getting help along the way is critical to staying the path, even when things get tough. Find friends who can keep you accountable. Join a group of like-minded people you can go to for support when things start to get a little hectic. Every mega-successful person you read about had a little help along the way. Give yourself the same advantage.