8-Week Boot Camp Challenge Winners Batch 1

Last week we announced the 3 Winners of our 8-week New Year, New Body Challenge.  Today I am sharing the story of Claire Griffiths’ transformation – Claire won 1st place.
Here are Claire’s results of her physical transformation:
  • Centimetres lost from arms, chest, waist, hips and legs – 31.5cm
  • Body weight reduction – 3.4kgs
  • Strength improvements across 8 categories between 28% to 96%
  • Cardiovascular improvement of 12%
Now here’s the gold!  Claire’s inner transformation, here are Claire’s words talking about her powerfully personal journey:


Hello my name is Claire,
I am happily married, 26 years now and have three wonderful, amazing women (kids). Like everyone, I’ve had many diets and exercise programs over many years. Some have worked, many have not. We are all so busy that it’s so easy to sit back and watch the world go by. Doing that requires little effort, I run my own business which is very time consuming. Excuses come in the thousands and before you know it, you’re a year older.
I think going into the challenge was different to other times. Before, I always put diet first, then stop drinking alcohol, then exercise always resulting in me having a drink due to stress, tiredness, or just finding that release valve from the world outside…leading to everything falling in a heap. For the first time ever, I made alcohol my priority. I’ve done two stints of 32 days alcohol-free. I’ve learnt that alcohol does NOT release stress, and only prolongs it. I can still have that connection with my husband sitting beside him drinking water.
I am more aware, clear minded, and not tired so I can focus on my nutrition and exercise. Since doing this, I have thoroughly enjoyed Boot Camp. I have been attending three sessions a week, strength training is a very important asset in losing weight and toning up.  I enjoyed the mixture of boxing, cardio, and weights.  More muscle, less fat they say.  Although challenging at times, I’ve adapted the NO EXCUSES policy. I must learn to meet my needs above other things which, as a mother, wife, and business woman can be very difficult, but possible. I have learnt to be patient with my weight loss. I found in the past that I go all out like a bull at a gate, lose 4 kgs in a week, crash through the gate and graze on the yummy grass for three months. This time around I might not have the best results on the scales, but I have great results in my measurements and overall fitness which is what gets me through those crazy days.
I am confident that I will be around to see my grandchildren, all in all I am proud of my achievements. I am alcohol free!  I no longer rely on alcohol as I am in charge of myself. I am more confident, and the old original Claire is back! I sleep better, I am clear headed and cope with stress better. I can get through the day with little struggle and less tiredness. I have lost weight.  I have run out of excuses. I have lost centimetres off my body. I am fitter. I am more patient with my goals. I am looking beyond the challenge and have already signed up [to ongoing Boot Camp] so I can keep the momentum going. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night making empty promises to God, and to myself, praying not to take me just yet begging for a second chance so I can change, and that my husband and kids need me.
Thanks Robb!
Very powerful Claire and congratulations on the huge inner transformation that has taken place.  We are all proud of your achievements.  Let’s keep that momentum going!!


If you’d like to be a part of our next Challenge coming up on 3 June, you can do so by registering HERE.