Getting Inpired To Start Moving!

Emily with Robbie McEwan

We’re al human and from time to time we need to find ways of reinvigorating ourselves so that we can continue to work towards our fitness goals…or just any goals really.  There are many causes of our motivation levels dropping – from not having a complete actionable plan that integrates all the components required with your nutrition, resistance and cardio training, to over-training, not know how to get started….or just plain stuck in a rut you can’t get out of.

Since I was a child, my family has always been involved with cycling – whether that be on the track or on the road.  If you’ve never watched it live you’ve got to do it at least once in your life – it’s really exhilirating to watch…especially when you consider the power and speed that these guys churn out.  What I also love about the sport is that anyone can do it.  You probably remember riding around on your bike when you were a kid….where’s the bike now….just gathering dust and cobwebs in the shed?

You don’t have to be a great cyclist or even a good cyclist…you just need to get on and start riding.  In this great summer weather we’re having there’s no excuses.  You may just find that old love become a new one!

Emily with Mark Renshaw

I’m over in Adelaide at the moment on holidays watching the Tour Down Under cycling.  This is the fourth time we’ve been across here from Melbourne and it seems to get bigger and better each year.  Today I was lucky enough to take my eldest daughter’s photos with cycling legend Robbie McEwan and the number one lead out man in the world, Australian Mark Renshaw….another great thing about this sport, it’s so easy to get up close and personal with the best athletes in the world.

So I too am inspired this morning and taking Emily for a ride on my bike through the hills of Adelaide!

Onya bike!!