What’s On For Lunch?

I often get asked what it is that I eat.  Well, here’s today’s lunch and yes, I’ve physically put it down to type this up!

This is probably one of my favourite lunches about 1 hour after I do a muscle workout – the turkey & salad sandwich:
*  2 slices of wholemeal bread
*  105 grams of sliced turkey (yes, weigh it…it’s a lot!)
*  1 small tomato sliced
*  40 grams of salad mix (yes, again, weight…it’s a lot so squash it down!)
*  1 slice of Kraft Free cheese
*  1/2 tblspn of low fat mayo if you like

=> This has 306 calories (with mayo)
*  Protein = 28 grams
*  Carbohydrates = 34 grams
*  Fat =  7 grams

This is great!  Try it.