You’re NEVER Too Old!

I’ve got two strong messages I want to get out to you today:

No. 1:  Dare to dream, set your goals high and DO NOT settle for mediocrity!

No. 2:  No matter what your current age…YOU are NEVER too old!

Now I think we can all fall into this trap.  Life for most people is going by so fast that you get stuck in a day to day grind and a weekly rut of the same thing here, same thing there.  You’re always tired and always dreaming of “tomorrow….I’ll do that then….I’ve always wanted to do that”.  Well, you know what, unless you commit yourself to doing it – I mean REALLY commit yourself to it – then it’s never going to happen.

I want to use myself as an example here.  I left my full time office job as a Chartered Accountant in September 2009 to run my fitness business full time.  Now I consider myself one of the luckiest people on the planet, because you would not believe how much I LOVE what I do and how I help change people’s lives for the better.  However, despite what all the sexy ads may have you believe, running your own fitness business does not mean that you’re working out with your clients all day every day and are super fit.  The more successful you become, the busier YOU become which leaves less time for yourself and your fitness!

So in December last year, I committed myself to stop making excuses and getting into the shape of my life and get my best looking body ever – so that I could be a further role model to my awesome clients.  Afterall, once you’ve transformed yourself, it’s easier to explain to others how to do it!

Now I know that’s a big call given my family and business commitments and the fact that I’m 44 this year, but I knew I would do it.  I have never been really overweight, but I was feeling and seeing some unsightly body fat that I was not happy with and wanted to get the six-pack happening.

This is what I looked like in Dec. 2011

Well, I thought it was probably time to share some photos because, even though I’m still going to get in better shape, they show you what can be done when you set your mind to it.  And you know what, I’ve done this using the exact principles that I teach my clients with only a handful of hours exercising per week, eating more food than I’ve ever eaten before and being blown away by the amazing recipes that have helped me do it.  If you want to learn more about how I’ve done it and get in on your own transformation, then the program is called Studioz’ Metabolic Precision.

My final word – I’m not done yet!

The emerging six-pack in June 2012