11 Tips For Building YOUR Home Gym

So you’ve been considering setting up a gym at home to help you get fit.  You’ll get no arguments from me.  This is exactly how I started out when I was sick and tired of travelling to crowded gyms and queuing up for equipment.

These are my tips to consider before investing in any type of home gym set up:

      1. Consider carefully your budget.  Setting up a gym can be very expensive and costs can quickly spiral out of control.

      2. Be realistic about frequency of use.  Many people purchase expensive equipment and don’t use it.

      3. Choose equipment that you will enjoy using.

      4. Avoid multi-station machines.  These are very common and many versions are sold cheaply.  The problem is, you get what you pay for!  The fittings are cheap and moving parts are often not smooth.  Good quality multi-station equipment costs many thousands of dollars.

      5. The amount of space you have to store your equipment and workout.   This will determine how much equipment you can physically fit into your premises.

      6. Consider what you want to do in your sessions with Studioz and what you want to do at home.  This can determine the equipment you buy.  Purchasing some basic equipment can go a long way to supplement your workouts.  For instance, you may be  surprised at how much you can achieve with a bench, some dumbbells and a barbell.

      7. Ask Studioz for advice in selecting the right equipment.  We can help you source good equipment at discounted prices from local reputable suppliers.

      8. Start off small.  Don’t try and purchase everything at once.  Purchase items that you can add to over time.

      9. Ensure that, wherever you’re going to store the equipment, it can be stored safely and securely.

      10. Consider what else you require for your gym set up, appropriate flooring, lighting, ventilation, electricity, pleasing ambience,  music, television, etc.

      11. If you’ve been in our studio then you’ve already got a feel for the type of equipment available.  But visit some equipment stores to see if there are other types or versions of equipment that you’re interested in.

Studioz is committed to your health and fitness and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the design and set up of your home gym before you make your investment.  Remember, once you’ve got it you have to use it consistently in conjunction with a well-balanced meal plan to optimise your health!

If you have questions about this article, or would like to know more about the overall health recommendations we give to our clients, just give us a call at 0421 287 107 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.