How are YOU standing out and being outstanding?

During July every year, the largest sporting event in the world takes place in France, it’s the Tour de France! With my late dear Dad being a professional cyclist in his prime, our family has always had an affinity for cycling and love the spectacle of the watching the Tour de France every year. The way our Australian television network SBS cover the event is breathtaking. Every stage captured from road and air majestically providing the viewer an insight into the beauty of the French countryside, waterways, mountains, incredible chateaus, castles, ancient ruins and unique history and culture of this amazing country.


Several years ago, my daughters (Emily and Oliva) and I travelled to the only UCI sanctioned World Cycling race in Australia called the Tour Down Under, in Adelaide. As we were watching the pre-race festivities, we were speechless to turn around to the voice of SBS Cycling Central’s, Mike Tomalaris calling out to us. If you have followed the Tour before, you’ll know who I’m talking about because Mike hosts the Tour every night providing great insight and interviews.


Such a thrill to meet Mike and his team. We spent 20 minutes learning about the Tour de France, his experience and a behind the scenes insight into the incredible workload that is thrust upon the media in France during the Tour. What you see through the camera lens can be so different to the reality of working there.

Mike asked us if we wouldn’t mind being on television, because they were going live within in a matter of minutes. Of course, we said yes!  That same week we appeared on several television stations including SBS, channel 7,9 and 10 along with international radio shows as well as being featured on the front page of the Adelaide Advertiser. I guess our attire, passion and enthusiasm made us stand out!


Let me ask you. How are you standing out? Do you know how to be outstanding? How are you living your life? Are you living it on your terms with abundant health, energy and fitness without limitation? Do you know how to get started? Do you know how to get results to place you in the top 1% of healthy and fit people in the world? Do you want to get a performance edge over your competitors? Do you just want more energy in your day and sick and tired of being sick and tired?


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