How to choose the best fitness professional to suit your needs.

All around Australia this time of the year is seen as the busiest in the fitness industry.  Spring and daylight savings have arrived and everyone’s getting motivated to drop some kilos and get in shape for the upcoming Summer.  My advice is to harness this energy and motivation to kick start you into a sustainable mindset and lifestyle to firstly achieve, then maintain, your fitness goals.  There are many different options to choose from.  Doing it alone, joining a gym, doing a boot camp, doing personal training, etc.

The difficulty with trying to achieve your fitness goals alone, or even with a friend, is that you often don’t have a workable plan to suit your needs, the program is often incomplete in the area of resistance training, cardiovascular training and nutrition and there is usually an inappropriate level of coaching, support and accountability to ensure that you remain on the optimal path for your success.

The gym network networks these days are focused on volume of customers rather than quality of service, coaching or accountability.  So it is probably no surprise that the average membership usage in a gym lasts for about 12 weeks and then members just stop coming….but keep on paying!  So that then leaves using the services of a professional to help you achieve your fitness goals, but how do you choose the right person?

There are a six fundamentals that I believe every fitness professional should have to be an effective choice for you:

  1. Be registered with a professional fitness organisation such as the Exercise & Sports Science Australia, Fitness Australia or Kinect Australia. Just remember though, this qualifies them to be a trainer, not a fitness professional!
  2. They should do more than just take you through a workout. You need to find someone that will coach you through all the various components of resistance, cardio training and your nutrition.
  3. They should be able to provide you with proof of results
  4. They should provide you with a 100% money back guarantee on results
  5. They should be someone that can empower your life
  6. They should provide you with an individually tailored meal plan to suit your fitness goals

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