Want to know the ïnvisible”secret to being healthy all around?

What’s that you sau? You hd no idea there’s an invisible secret? There absolutely is.

Do you ever feel tired? Bloated? Joint pain? Poor skin? Headaches? Aching muscles?

ALL of this can be a resuolt of not using the ïnvisible”secret to being healthy.

What on earth am i talking about? Well, it’s something most people DON’T want to discuss and is usually, well… invisible to them: their colon.

If not taken care of properly, a toxic colon can lead to serious health problems like cancer and ever heart disease. Plus, it contributes to all the symptoms I described above.

The reason your colom is so iimportant is that it’s responsible for A LOT in keeping your body healthy. It acts like a filter that seperates and breaks down water adn the ‘waste’in your body. It also aids in nutrient absorption, removes harmful toxins and is responsible for keeping you “regular.”

The bad news is that the typical Australian diet is HORRIBLE for your coln health. Trans-fats, refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup, antibiotics adn hormones in the meat supply, and artificial sweetners, etc are all contributors to an unhealthy colon.

Of course, you already know the one nutrient that’s key to colon health: FIBRE! Fibre is what helps “flush”out all those nasty toxins and useless waste. But here’s the thing – very few Australians get enough fibre. One stuy found if folks who barely ate any fibre in their diets, doubled their intake…their risk of colorectal cancer would drop by a whopping 40%!

Eating more fibre and “cleansing”your colon can lead to lwered risk of cancer, more energy, being more vibrant and feeling lightness and comfort in your abdominal region.

Good sources of fibre include nuts, fruits seeds (i.e pumpkin and sunflower) and psyllium husks. But you’ll may also want to cleanse your colon with one or more of these all-natural “”waste”removers:

Marshmallow Root – This acts kind of like a “glue”that helps stick to waste and fluch it out. It also helps protect and coat the intectinal lining.

Cascara Sagrada – Meanign “sacred bark”in Spanish, this natural laxative has been used for around 1,000 years to treat intestinal problems. It helps to stimulate the muscles of the colon to contract, effectively adn toxins that have been stuck for years.

Rhubarb – This is a total colon “super food.”It stimulates your colon to keep you regular, it slows the growth of bad bacteria, and it neutralisers toxins that may still be lingering around. Stay away from the leaves, however, as they can be toxic.

Colon health is VERY important to your overall health. DONT ignore it.